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Our Promise

Art of Sedition

We want our values to reflect your values. We want our brand to reflect your attitude. We want to deliver a product that you will be delighted to wear, be a company that you will be proud to support and build a brand that you will be passionate about being a part.

  • Craftsmanship: Great materials. Quality workmanship. Inspired design. Where ever possible, we work with suppliers and vendors who make a direct connection between the revenue they generate and the service they deliver. We obsess over detail. We consider every aspect of our operations. We don't say "yes" until we are confident that we are delivering the best product and best experience possible.
  • Ethics: Each order represents more than a transaction. It represents a value chain that includes raw material sourcing, wholesale inputs, product production, online retail, order delivery and doesn't end until profits are put to best use in our community. We will continue to optimize every step in that chain for responsibility, quality and value.
  • Service: We are honored to have you as a customer and our highest priority is to deliver an exceptional customer experience. It's more than standing behind our products. If anything we do doesn't meet your expectations, let us know and we'll make it right.
  • Vision: We started AoS because we couldn't find products we wanted to wear anywhere else: Intelligent style for the modern revolutionary. We strive to maintain an independent voice within an increasingly popular market. We won't blindly follow superficial trends. But we will strive to capture the spirit, energy and intellect of a movement.

Art of Sedition is Intelligent Style for the Modern Revolutionary