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Our Story

Art of Sedition

The world is full of mindless adherence to established authority masquerading as independent thought. But you are not.

Some might say rules are made to be broken. We say they shouldn’t be made in the first place.

Before Art of Sedition was an idea, we wanted more than the platitudes, nostalgia and unconsidered design that was already available. So we did the only thing that spirited entrepreneurs in a free market do when they find an underserved niche. We added our voice. Or, more accurately, we added your voice.

Ideas are dangerous. Expressing those ideas, when they challenge the established authority, is more than dangerous. It’s seditious.

Reinterpreting timeless classics with a modern attitude and reflecting the vanguard of thought with wit and insight, Art of Sedition takes a stand against the tired dogma of convention. We deliver products with inspired design, exceptional quality and outstanding service.