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Art of Sedition is an independent online retailer start-up created by North Carolina artists and producers. In order to to bring you the greatest variety of design and color options, we do not maintain a large, standing inventory of products. Instead, we craft each order in small batches so that we can deliver you the freshest products on the internet. 

While this gives us the greatest flexibility and you the greatest choice, it also means that we will never be able to match the speed and price of the mega online retailers who have hundreds of warehouses across the country and millions of products on hand. 

But what we lack in operational logistics, we more than make up for in the care and consideration we put into each and every product and order. We hope you will appreciate this approach.

As we grow, we will continue to look for every opportunity to streamline our production processes and enhance the customer experience. But for now, if you are trying to meet a specific date, like events, birthdays or holidays you will want to place your order as soon as possible.

Estimated Fulfillment and Shipping Times

  Fulfillment Shipping
What you should expect 2–7 business days 3–5 business days
What we can typically do < 5 business days 1–3 business days
About half of our orders < 3 business days 1–3 business days